Your Choice form

If you’re a member of the ITV Defined Contribution Plan (ITV DC Plan) and you want to change your core contribution rate from 1 October 2021, please complete this form and submit it by 7 October. If you want to continue paying at the same rate, you don’t need to complete this form.

About you

Your core contribution choice

From 1 October 2021, I’d like to contribute to the ITV DC Plan at the following rate (% of pensionable earningsYour basic salary at the date you joined the ITV DC Plan and on each 1 April after that.):

Topping up your contributions

If you’d like to pay extra contributions to build up more savings for your future, please tell us how much you’d like to contribute each month on top of your core contribution in the box below. You can tell us as a % of your current pensionable earnings or as a pound amount:

If you already pay extra contributions, enter the new, total amount you’d like to pay as extra contributions from 1 October 2021


If you’ve chosen to make an extra contribution as a percentage of your pensionable earnings, your extra contribution will be based on your pensionable earnings at 1 April 2021 and won’t increase in line with any future salary increases.

Your extra contributions will be invested in the same way as your core contributions – if you’d like to invest them differently, please complete the separate Extra contributions form in the Forms section of this website.

Your agreement

If you don’t submit this form by 7 October 2021, you’ll continue to contribute to the ITV DC Plan at your current rate. Your next opportunity to change your core contribution will be from 1 April 2022.