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Monthly amounts

£{{results.monthly_gross_cost | number:0}}Deduction you'd see on your payslip (gross)

£{{results.monthly_net_cost | number:0}}Actual monthly amount your contribution would cost you (net difference in your pay)

This is because you'd make tax savings of £{{results.monthly_tax_relief | number:0}} and salary sacrifice savings of £{{results.monthly_ni_saving | number:0}} on the gross amount.

£{{results.monthly_amount_invested | number:0}}Total amount invested each month, including ITV's contribution

{{results.total_rate}}%Total monthly contribution rate of

Annual amount invested towards your ITV DC savings

Total contribution ITV's contribution Your contribution
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Your Contribution Calculator estimate

Here’s a copy of your results based on the information you've provided:

The gross monthly contribution you'd see on your payslip:£{{results.monthly_gross_cost | number:0}}

Estimated cost to you each month of your contributions:£{{results.monthly_net_cost | number:0}}

Estimated contribution from your employer each month:£{{results.monthly_employer_contribution | number:0}}

Amount of pension savings invested for you each month:£{{results.monthly_amount_invested | number:0}}

The figures above are based on your basic salary: £{{results.current_salary | number:0}}, your contribution rate: {{results.contribution_rate | number:0}}%, ITV’s contribution rate: {{results.contribution_itv_rate | number:0}}%

The tax relief on your contribution is £{{results.monthly_tax_relief | number:0}}; the amount of NI you’d save by participating in the ITV DC Plan through salary sacrifice would be £{{results.monthly_ni_saving | number:0}}

Terms of use

Terms & conditions

The Contribution Calculator is for general guidance only. By using the Contribution Calculator, you are agreeing to the points and terms of use set out below.

  • Your pensionable earnings: Your basic salary at the date you join the ITV DC Plan and on 1 April each year after that.
  • Your contribution rate: You can contribute from 3% to 100% of your pensionable earnings in 1% increments. Contributions up to 6% are called core contributions; contributions above 6% are called extra contributions. You get full tax relief on all your contributions up to certain limits.
  • Cost and contributions: The net cost to you, your employer’s contributions and the amount invested towards your ITV DC savings (including tax relief) each month are all estimates. These estimates are based on the pensionable earnings you enter, tax rates for 2021/22, your tax relief, the contribution rate you’ve chosen, and any savings you may make by participating in the ITV DC Plan through salary sacrifice. If you participate in the ITV DC Plan through salary sacrifice, your salary will be reduced by the amount of your contributions and these contributions will be paid by your employer to the ITV DC Plan. The estimates are rounded up to the nearest £1.
  • Plan and HMRC allowances: The Contribution Calculator doesn’t take into account ITV DC Plan and HMRC allowances which may apply depending on your circumstances and the benefits you build up. Remember that tax relief on your contributions depends on your individual circumstances, current tax rates, and the annual allowance for contributions (the standard annual allowance for the 2021/22 tax year is £40,000), all of which may change in the future.
  • Getting advice: You’re responsible for carrying out your own investigations before deciding how much to contribute; you should take impartial financial advice if you’re not sure what to do or want specific advice about your personal circumstances. You should also bear in mind that there are many issues to consider when deciding how to save for retirement, and the figures provided by the Contribution Calculator should only be one aspect of that consideration.
  • Your data: You should make sure that your pensionable earnings are accurate; by providing this information, you consent to Willis Towers Watson Limited using this data to estimate the figures in the Contribution Calculator.

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The Contribution Calculator has been developed for ITV DC Trustee Limited (‘the Trustees’) and ITV plc including all Participating Employers of the ITV Defined Contribution Plan (the ITV DC Plan) (together ‘ITV’) by Willis Towers Watson Limited (‘Willis Towers Watson’), an independent firm of actuaries and consultants authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Access to the Contribution Calculator is provided to you by the Trustees and ITV and is subject to the terms of use displayed under 'Terms & conditions’ above. The Trustees, ITV and Willis Towers Watson cannot be responsible for any decisions you make based on the Contribution Calculator.

The Contribution Calculator is made available to you without any acceptance of responsibility by Willis Towers Watson and all warranties are excluded to the extent permitted by law. In particular, no representation, warranty or undertaking, express or implied is or will be made or given by Willis Towers Watson in relation to the accuracy or completeness of the estimated cost, contributions or amount invested in your account or any other information provided using the Contribution Calculator or that they can be used as the basis for the making of investment or retirement planning decisions.

Any queries or complaints arising in relation to your use of the Contribution Calculator must be notified to the Trustees and ITV initially and you agree that any claims or disputes in connection with such use may only be pursued by the Trustees and ITV (and not by you directly) subject to the terms of the agreement they have in place with Willis Towers Watson. Any claims or disputes will be subject to English law and the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in England.