Changing your investments

Complete this form to change how your ITV DC savings are invested.

Depending on when you joined the ITV DC Plan, you may have different types of savings:

  • Core DC savings (your monthly contributions to the ITV DC Plan)
  • Extra DC savings
  • Transfer from NOW: Pensions (the ITV Auto-enrolment Pension Plan)
  • Backdated savings

You can invest all of your different types of savings in the same way or differently to one another. Depending on how you choose to invest your savings, you may be able to invest your existing savings (the savings you’ve already built up) differently to the savings you’ll build up in future. This form will guide you through the steps to help you decide. 

To check what type of savings you have, please log in using the Log in button in the menu bar. You’ll need your Username and Password. Once you’ve logged on go to Investment > Investment approach to check.

If you’d like help filling in this form or have any queries about the information you need to provide, please use the related reads on the right or call ITV Pensions on 01772 884488.